Review Reblog – Marlo Eggplant – Internal External

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Marlo Eggplant
title: Internal External
keywords: electronica ambient experimental experimental noise Olympia

Internal External by Marlo Eggplant is an album that clearly hangs on the experimental noise side of the sound spectrum. She seems to open up her inner workings and exposes the abstract sounds of feelings in ways that feel like we are actually behind these thoughts; a backstage of emotional content, one that exposes all her wires and yet are for any foreigner hard to define.

Basic Trust vs. Mistrust’ for example is moving material, a bit like we are on an train ride to the inner depths of the artist her mind, going in deep into the dark abyss of inner workings who are responsible for her outer workings. The sound is sliding through, creating a non grab-able content that could be seen as a tunnel vision of abstract ambient -noise. Over this rails the sound…

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