REVIEW REBLOG – Akane Hosaka pt2

Here is part 2 of the focus on Akane Hosaka.
There is a certain charm with the music and the review sums it up, it does bring a ray of sunshine through the clouds.
Review courtesy of Yeah I Know it Sucks.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

2Artist: Akane Hosaka
keywords: rhythm, melodies, lo-fi, retro, loops, fun, happy, experimental, electronic

Do you remember the fun music by Akane Hosaka? Her album ‘Loop Music‘ on Wrieuw Recordings (released on a floppy diskette) is still one of my personal highlights in the collection. But to be fair, Akane Hosaka doesn’t sit still and continues her musical journey in an ever expanding way!

Akane Hosaka creates the happiest loopiest electronic loop experimentations and it’s not only obvious fun for her to make them, but also great fun for us listeners to follow these electronic adventures as they come to life and evolve. The great thing of her music expeditions is that a part of the process is that her wonderful nostalgic happiness are once done all finding a way on her official sound cloud account; making it possible to really follow the happenings as if it’s stories within…

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