REVIEW REBLOG – Akane Hosaka – Loop Music

Something joyful and different today courtesy of Akane Hosaka. Very reminiscent of early electronic experiments, childrens telly and retro games. Her music is on a free download and thanks to Yeah I Know it Sucks, she is my Todays Discovery.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Akane Hosaka
Title: Loop Music
keywords: electronic, Japan, Wrieuw, ambient, bleeps, bloops, cute, electronic, experimental, folktronica, loop, loop music, Southen On Sea
label: Wrieuw Recordings

Akane Hosaka’s latest release is brought to you by the lovely Wrieuw Recordings and it’s as cute and adorable as the label it’s own cat-like furry reputation.
The EP is made in a way that can be seen described on its front cover; the artist improvises her music, uses a loop pedal and as a modern day musician loads it all up on a cloud of sound like cute little music memories. The collection of tracks here are selected by the producer herself and is an instant brew that of honest and friendly loopy music that quite frankly is quite adorable.

The first track ‘loop 5 – insect of matchstick’ is the sweet opener of this lovely EP, it feels absolutely cozy and homely…

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