Review Reblog – Katie Gately ~ Colors

Really recommend Katie Gately – Intelligent electro pop with an experimental edge.

a closer listen

tri038_frontColor is a glorious explosion of dance beats, percussive samples, and vocal layers, close to overload, threatening to topple like a Jenga tower.  And yet, by her meticulous control and sheer force of will, Katie Gately holds it all together.  One of the decade’s most creative artists, she’s managed to translate her avant-garde visions, formerly on display in quarter-hour works, to something even the masses may appreciate.

Let’s face it: pop music is in need of an overhaul, and experimental music can be wonderful, but all too often goes unheard.  One thing that holds pop music back is the desire for a hit; one thing that holds experimental music back is the desire not to cross over.  Gately exists somewhere in the middle, simply making the music she likes.  A lifelong collector of sounds, her former work as a sound editor led her to the reorganization and presentation of sonic…

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