Review Reblog – Teasips – Proxemic Realms

So glad this release has been noticed : )

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Teasips
title: Proxemic Realms
keywords: ambient art electronic experimental noise outsider United States
label:heavy mess

If you need some fresh air & some nature in your life with melodic atmospheres, but do not really feel like going out and exploring such real life things, or perhaps are living in the middle of a dense city; this pretty easy going release (found through Feminatronics) might be something for you.

12′ introduces the beautiful ear-sights of a soft field recording with friendly night crickets, and a little fine fresh breeze among the leaves. These are the first sounds of a really nice evening, one without any urban disturbance; making it an instant home pleaser for the homely people who are equipped with a nice audio set.

The work will continue with 4′ which consists of a pleasantly played warm melody seemingly made out of glass, (not broken but smooth)…

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