Todays Discovery – Jodie Lowther / Klepsydra

Written, produced & recorded by Jodie Lowther

In October 2013, Jodie released an album of sound snippets, most of them recorded for her Soundcloud sound blog project of 2013. The idea was to create a blog through sound only, each of the sounds put up were recorded quickly and spontaneously as snapshots of the day. They featured a mix of home recorded samples and found sounds, owls, vocal improvisations, makeshift percussion, electronic instruments, computer generated sounds, harmonies, and a ton of reverb. The album ‘Klepsydra’ features the majority of these sounds and also a few new recordings.

experimental ambient atmospheric dark electronic ethereal female vocals glossolalia haunting hauntology recordings sample vocal London


released October 28, 2013

Jodie Lowther
Soft Bodies Records