Review Reblog – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – EARS

Sometimes a reviewer hits the nail on the head and this review just seems to put into words the overall feeling of this release.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
title: EARS
keyword: experimental

this album starts like a young baby bird that is kindly being pushed out of its homely nest . It opens its tiny little wings and realizes that is had captured the miraculous ability to fly in the great sky. It is so happy that the bird starts to sing with wide wakened eyes along with a euphoric feeling of success. Within its little feathered body it realizes that the whole world is at its tiny feet!

Then the album moves on with its audio appreciative wings all over an intriguing scene of the wetlands. This is the place in which frogs & toads gather and fishes stick their heads out of the water to see and hear what this wonderful music is all about. It’s Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s music and she brings it all out to give the soggy landscape a…

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