Review Reblog – Daina Dieva – KAS

Daina Dieva is known for her participation in Lithuania’s culture of performance art and in drone ambient music. Though late last year I had the opportunity to review her collaboration with Skeldos, Aviliai, once I realized that there was another album by her available—one in which there was no information available, making it more interesting, […]

via Daina Dieva’s “KAS” Is Impressive Dark Ambient that Flutters in the Light and Rips the Dark — Heathen Harvest


Just stumbled across this review of Daina Dievas’ new release KAS and was instantly taken by the ethereal, otherworldly but somehow rooted to the earth sound but Heathen Harvest describe this release better than me.

This is my Todays Discovery and I will be returning to this artist in the near future, here.