Review Reblog – various artists – A Documentary of Women in Experimental Music

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PS – There was an interesting note added by C-Drik at Syrphe – Recommend you check these out too.


Thanks for this but not at all about women across the world, it’s very Western-centred. Here is a compilation of women in experimental music from South East and East Asia : and another one (only available on CD) including women from Egypt who compose experimental music :

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artists: various
title: A Documentary of Women in Experimental Music
keywords: experimental experimental electronic hip hop lobit noise noise step women New York
label: Philosophy Records

“A Documentary of Women in Experimental music is a collection of noise and weird sounds from women across the world. From Sweden to England, from New York to Hungary– reflects just how widespread and varied experimental music and noise is. Come enter our world and get to know the ladies of noise.”


Anastasia Vronski starts this compilation with a work titled ‘A Doc of Women in Experimental Music’. In it you will be greeted with a warm alien voice that talks probably about this doc of women in experimental music. It functions as a nice introduction.

Then Anastasia Vronski expands her contribution to this compilation by providing a very interesting track named ‘Expander’. I don’t know what it is that I’m hearing in…

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