REVIEW REBLOG – Listen: ACRE TARN – ‘Dawn Faces’

Here is Todays Discovery – Acre Tarn and recommend listening to her Soundcloud page.
Courtesy to Notes on Sounds for the pointer and review.

Hailing from The Lake District, Anna-Louisa Ehterington began impressing with her dreampop tunes last year with ‘Flex’ and ‘Lanterns.’ As ACRE TARN she’s been leading anyone who’ll follow down a rabbit hole that leads to a synth wonderland that’s hypnotic but propulsive enough to still get you dancing.

Her latest track ‘Dawn Faces’ doesn’t deviate too much from that already winning formula, instead pairing beautiful melodies and flittering synths together like we’ve become accustomed to. Still, it’s definitely not a sign of ACRE TARN slowing down, as ‘Dawn Faces’ might be her most engaging single yet; that’s in part due to the ethereal chanting Etherington adds and the weighty drums that keep the featherweight instrumentation grounded. Perhaps if Robyn spent a year listening to only the Cocteau Twins you’d get something that sounds like this. But Etherington beat her to it.

Listen to ‘Dawn Faces’ below.

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