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NEWS REPOST – Supernormal Special with curator Anne Robinson

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Been giving Supernormal Festival a plug as it has a fantastic line up ( as did FON last week ) including many artists that will be familiar to Feminatronic readers. If not, then it gives you a chance to go and discover for yourselves. The podcast for the show will be on the Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone Mixcloud site here soonish…

Fractal Meat

This Friday 7th August I’ll be away at the incredible Supernormal Festival but have put together an incredible special broadcast as a preview of the fest. The show features incredible sounds by artists and musicians playing at this year’s festival, plus an interview with Anne Robinson, one of the curators of the festival, giving some background and incredible top tips. Tune into NTS from 8-10am on Friday 7th to listen. Incredibedible.

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Electronic Music in Britain in the 1950s and 60s: James Mooney and Monty Adkins in Conversation

So, I began with thoughts of focussing on Experimental Electronic Music and like most went down the route of the standard history that everyone charts.
As some of you by now will realise, although I do post a lot about the well known electronic artists, genres and histories, I also try to give those well under the radar a space to get their music heard or the genre a wider audience. This includes trying to bring to attention the scene in the rest of the world.
I had heard about Hugh Davies and his catalogue of ‘alternative electronic history’ but until today had not had a chance to explore further. So glad I did !
As I knew in my heart, there was and still is an alternative electronic music scene and one where many artists are quietly creating music unknown or ignored.
This is why I am reblogging this article as part of the Experimental Season, as many of the themes are still so relevant today and why Hugh Davies’ work is still vital as a challenge to the traditional historical theory.
Listening to the Soundcloud discussion is recommended as it gives an insight into roles of Daphne Oram ad Delia Derbyshire in the development of British electronic music and technology. Some interesting questions and answers.

Here is the original overview of the concert and presentation on Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire –


Hugh Davies Project

In February 2015, a concert of tape music works by Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram was staged as part of the Electric Spring Festival at University of Huddersfield. The concert was preceded by a public conversation between the curator of the concert, Dr James Mooney, and one of the festival’s artistic directors, Prof Monty Adkins. A complete recording of this pre-concert discussion is now available via SoundCloud: click here.


The conversation addressed the context of electronic music in Britain in the 1950s and 60s and included discussion of Hugh Davies, his self-built instruments and – in particular – his International Electronic Music Catalog. The tools and techniques of electronic music production in the 50s and 60s were discussed, as was the institutional context of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, where both Derbyshire and Oram worked.

While simultaneously extolling the challenges and contingencies of archival research, Mooney and Adkins discussed the work of some of the key figures in British electronic…

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Here are a few of the Events that have come to my attention via Twitter lately and decided to also post here in case you missed them.






Teresa Rampazzi website

I have recently discovered Laura Zattras Website and it is a mine of information about the Electronic Experimentalists of Italy, of which Teresa Rampazzi is one.

laura zattra

Hi all,

just a quick note to remind you that, finally, the website dedicated to Italian electroacoustic music pioneer Teresa Rampazzi, has a new address: http://www.teresarampazzi.it/.

I apologize to everyone who has been trying lately to access the old website and couldn’t.

Rampazzi giving a talk in 1979 (Padova, Circolo Pozzetto) Rampazzi giving a talk in 1979 (Padova, Circolo Pozzetto)

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NEWS – LUME is 2!


As Feminatronic is looking at the world of experimental electronic music here is the LUME project of Dee Byrne, who combines Saxophone and Electronics in her music. – LUME is a night of original and improvised music run by musicians Cath Roberts and Dee Byrne, taking place every Thursday at Long White Cloud, Hoxton, in London. Dee and Cath also curate the monthly ‘LUME Presents…’ series of gigs at the Vortex Jazz Club. LUME gigs feature artists from across the London and UK creative music scene, acting as a space for new work and experimental music-making.



Join us at the Hundred Years Gallery on 9th July to celebrate two years of putting on cutting edge, exciting, risk-taking, innovative, in-the-moment original and improvised music at LUME!

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NEWS – NORIENT – Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World


The upcoming Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World» shows and discusses contemporary video clips, tracks and Sound Art from around the globe. The exhibition opens at Forum Schlossplatz in Aarau (Switzerland) on August 14 2015, and is then hosted by museums and festivals in Germany, Switzerland and the UK (a.o. ZKM Karlsruhe – Oktober/November 2015, CTM Berlin – January/February 2016). «Seismographic Sounds» is a multi-authored exhibition about new diversity brought forth by digital cultures.