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NEWS REPOST – Supernormal Special with curator Anne Robinson

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Been giving Supernormal Festival a plug as it has a fantastic line up ( as did FON last week ) including many artists that will be familiar to Feminatronic readers. If not, then it gives you a chance to go and discover for yourselves. The podcast for the show will be on the Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone Mixcloud site here soonish…

Fractal Meat

This Friday 7th August I’ll be away at the incredible Supernormal Festival but have put together an incredible special broadcast as a preview of the fest. The show features incredible sounds by artists and musicians playing at this year’s festival, plus an interview with Anne Robinson, one of the curators of the festival, giving some background and incredible top tips. Tune into NTS from 8-10am on Friday 7th to listen. Incredibedible.

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EVENTS – Supernormal Festival 2015

This is the season of the Festival and I am giving a plug to those that look interesting and include many of the artists that Feminatronic has highlighted,( also discovering new artists along the way). Last weekend was Full of Noises in Cumbria http://fonfestival.org/ which included such artists as Andie Brown, Leslie Deere, Aine O’Dwyer and Helen Frosi among the great line up overall. Will have more on this soon.

Next weekend – August 7-9th,is Supernormal Festival http://www.supernormalfestival.co.uk/ and artists include Jennifer Walshe, Karen Gwyer, Vicky Langan amongst another eclectic and looks like, joyful arts experience. Here is Poulomi Desai performing at Supernormal 2013.


‪Performance and film screenings at Supernormal Festival 2013:  Sitar, Circuit Bent, Slide Projectors, axe, knives, kitchen implements + Electronics.‬

The full series of “Experiments with Noise” videos were also screened at the festival.

Supernormal Festival (Braziers Park) is a wonderful small festival of experimental arts and music. Big thanks to Sam Francis. See: http://www.supernormalfestival.co.uk/programme/2013

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