This year to try and cover as much as is possible for a single person, I am dedicating each month to a specific area of interest or platform and just by chance February is Longlisten month.

Sometimes tracks are just too long for the usual playlist I put together so I decided to put together bite sized playlists for longer tracks.
Bite sized in number of artists but not scrimping on the length and quality of the listening : )
Take some time and immerse in the sound waves.

Artists are Leden / Angusdei, Alina Kalancea, Katrine Amsler, Mia Zabelka, Marta De Pascalis, Sophie Delafontaine and Pauline Oliveros.

Following the INCLUSIVES project, the Fair_Play network and Tsuku Boshi Records have decided to continue their joint adventure through a temporary collection presenting female and non-binary composers from various backgrounds: ]FairTsuku[

Each disc will feature two artists, both of whom have “carte blanche”.

The first collection is from Audrey Poujoula & Maria Costa and the following collection will be between Limpe Fuchs & Valérie Vivancos

Here are a couple of other long listens that I have enjoyed this week –