A little late but better late than never…

Norma Beecroft – String Quartet with Tape (1992)

by Marta De Pascalis


Alien Bog​/​Beautiful Soop
by Pauline Oliveros
1966/ 1967
re-released 1997

classical, avant-garde, contemporary, experimental, experimental electronic, tape music

Since it was Canada Day last Thursday I reposted this playlist for #throwbackthursday…

Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes –
“Recent lists of pioneering women in electronic music have bolstered the fact that women were right there making significant work during the nascence of electronic music, from the late ’50s to ’70s, on a quest for sounds and sequences never heard before. Yet most of the women who helped pioneer electronic music in Canada don’t pop up in those lists. On the surface, the early electronic era in Canada looks like a man’s game, yet looking a little deeper you’ll find Canadian women on the margins, surrounded by tape machines, computers and instruments of their own making.” – Red Bull Music Academy.
They still are at the forefront and this playlist is just a jumping off point….. Artists are –
Ann Southam, Hildegard Westerkamp, Marcelle Deschenes-Harvey, Shimmer Crush, Helena Krobath, Jessica Gabriel, ambient – sonic, Roxanne Turcotte and Rose Bolton.