I Don’t Do Lists but…pt 2

Is it only the 14th December? There will be a few of these by the sounds of it.

This is the next collection of 20 releases, and it only covers the days December 8th to 12th twitter posts and I’ve barely scraped the surface of #released2020. It’s been a horrendous year for many but the releases have been eclectic, at times challenging and luckily, numerous.

In case you missed my explanation – Every year on social media and elsewhere, the big sites publish their end of year best of lists and this has always made me feel uncomfortable. On many, they are made up of the big names and labels, not very diverse and often narrow in scope. I also have a thing about the subjectivism of lists and rank. What one person says is great, another can’t see the fuss, often resulting in animosity and division…..Isn’t there enough in the world?

I decided a couple of years ago to try and cover as many of the new releases as possible, given my personal constraints, and have posted them under the moniker of I don’t do lists but this was released….This year I just used the #released2020 on twitter.

As usual, no order, no preferences, no rank, not exhaustive,….It’s easy…

pyr285 fulmedesh – caracoles de una ciudad enterrada