An Album a Day pt4

For the past couple of years I’m Gary (@noyokono) on twitter has a challenge for February – MWE
“Music Writer Exercise: Each day in February, listen to 1 full album you’ve never heard, from start to finish. Write one tweet about it. #MWE
Ok, I’m no writer and although I listen to a lot of music everyday, this does spur me to listen to new discoveries. I did this last year and I’m attempting it again and here are the last albums –


MWE#22 – Challenging intriguing chansons of stifled anger and noise for grown-ups – LET THEM GROW by Maja Osojnik


MWE#23 – Experimental Grime, hints of Vaporwave and warped electro Gospel. A revelation that’s quite special –

MWE#24 – Black Quantum Futurism – Space-Time Collapse I – Connecting history with the future in multi layered sonic collages.

MWE#25 – Melodic chillout that moves the feet – Online Dating by Tryphème   

MWE#26 – Alice Kemp – Uneasy listening with dark undercurrents creating claustrophobic atmospheres – 

MWE#27 Sarah Rasines pyr124 –Gameboy, found sounds, loops + glitches create hypnotic toe tapping rhythmic patterns


MWE#28 Anne Gillis – Lxgrin – Relentless nightmarish experiments in voice, loops and repetition = Challenging and cathartic