An Album a Day pt2

For the past couple of years I’m Gary (@noyokono) on twitter has a challenge for February – MWE
“Music Writer Exercise: Each day in February, listen to 1 full album you’ve never heard, from start to finish. Write one tweet about it. #MWE
Ok, I’m no writer but I did this last year and I’ attempting it again and here are next 6 albums –

MWE#7 –  Fire-Toolz / Even the Files won’t touch you –

A Halloween carnival ride of twisted electronic alt reality

MWE#8 – Treeborhood – Boreal Network

Soundtrack to an 80’s film I wished I’d seen…

MWE#9 – The bitter tears of Petra von Kant/ Reiner Werner Fassbinder . OST – Nalyssa Green

A meld of two sonic worlds, ancient and modern

MWE#10 – Dreamscapes by Barton McLean

Sound pictures that fill the senses from an electronic music pioneer

MWE#11 – Pink Waves – Female Focussed Sounds – Urban Arts Berlin

A showcase of intriguing contrasts

MWE#12 – Ore – darwinsbitch (Marielle V Jakobsons)

A cosmic and terrestrial soundscape of foreboding