Review Reblog – Cat Hope – Yume

Today’s Discovery…courtesy to YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Cat Hope
Title: Yume
Keywords: australia electronicexperimental silkscreen art cat hope diy record label free jazz noise Moscow
Label: Post-Materialization Music

Sometimes it’s good to have a dictionary at hand as even though it’s fun to rely on thinking that you know it all, sometimes words that you think you know turn out to be something you didn’t have no clue about. For example the word ‘Cat Hope’… I was like you, automatically thinking that it was the way how to describe the hope of a cat, or the hope that the presence of a cat brings. I mean look at those hospitals or elderly houses in which they have cats to stroke and cuddle with and how much love and hope it brings to the elderly and other patients… yes, Cat Hope like this is a amazing thing until you find out that Cat Hope actually means…

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