Todays Discovery – Review Reblog – Angelina Yershova – Piano’s Abyss

Before Synths there was the Piano but this beautiful release is an exploration of all the dynamics and sound a piano can make using the technology to enhance and create a wonderful palette of sound….Recommended.


Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Angelina Yershova
Title: Piano’s Abyss
Keywords: electronic dark ambient drone drone ambientelectronic experimental modern classic piano piano drone piano drone music Rome
Label: Twin Paradox Records

Angelina Yeshova’s Piano’s Abyss covers the direct feeling of eternal bliss generated by piano-drone. It starts of super smooth with soft white noise-ambient that will calm any rushed person out and make them all feel relaxed and at ease. For a release named Piano’s Abyss the clear use of a piano is nicely put away to purely form the basic ambience, once this is setup the piano comes out, playing wondrous sparkling notes on top of the massive tranquilizer of a work.

‘Suspense’ is up next, which makes the head fall even deeper into the piano abyss. Here the warm noises are more clearly generated by the artist experimenting with piano and special effects. When the piano comes in with a more natural…

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