This Weeks Theme is – Minimalism doesn’t mean Nothing

Feminatronic #70 is a playlist of “minimalist” tracks but that does not mean they that have little going on sonically,(sound , noise or voice), you just have to listen for the nuances and there is a lot more going on under the surface. Possibly, you might like to listen with headphones to get the full effect.
Artists on this playlist are –
Hyaena Fierling, Patrizia Mattioli, Miniature Zebra, Queef, Ola Saad, Crys Cole, Rachel Lancaster and Christine Webster.

 Artist of the Week is Jo Thomas

“Jo Thomas is an award winning London based composer who choses to work through sculpting electronic sound into an aural tapestry of technological,biological and emotional states. Her work is based around human fallibility, she chooses to represent the human in sound with a discourse of delicate and detailed sonic failure using a sophisticated combination of micro sound, micro tonal and glitch material.

She creates organic complex and beautiful music’s which are written specifically for spaces and different formats of music release.Her works exist in the extreme of large scale and miniature, striving to work with momentary engagement and long listening continuums.”