Review Reblog – The Unfathomless Series: Flavien Gillié and Vanessa Rosetto

Vanessa Rosetto – “intense and fragile beauty”…
Courtesy to A Closer Listen for the reblog.

a closer listen

FlavienThe Unfathomless Series continues to be the best ongoing series in the field recording industry, as proven by new entries from  Flavien Gillié and Vanessa Rossetto.  The sounds are always intriguing and the unified presentation ~ featuring art by Daniel Crokaert ~ contributes a memorable visual identity.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.  These lyrics, penned decades past, lamented the destruction of nature for commerce.  But what happened next?   Flavien Gillié attempts to answer this question with the single-track Nonante-neuf fragments harenois (roughly translated 99 fragments of sound from Haren).  This Brussels community became industrialized, but then the industry left: factories razed, airport deserted.  While walking through the ruins of this area, one can sense the sedimentary weight of history, which no longer seems like progress.  And yet its future is already written: a new “mega prison” will soon open, and the local gardens…

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