REVIEW REBLOG – Ars Sonor and the Reviews of Caffeinate

Great overview again of a very eclectic artist.

Yeah I Know It Sucks


Artist: Ars Sonor
title: The Third Circle/Coping Mechanisms
keywords: electronic, ambient, awakening, darkwave, anger, industrial, letting go, Stockholm
reviewer: Caffeinate

Hello dear readers! I have returned via special request. It’s not that I don’t love you all, it’s just for me anyway, nothing has quite embraced the suck like I want it to lately, but that has changed this evening!

Today/tonight/whatever I got the pleasure of listening to two stunning releases.

a2625269661_10 The Third Circle (in case you couldn’t have read that before)

a1914018517_10 Nothing Else But Suffering – Coping Mechanisms (Again, just in case!)

This is also a return for me to doing a review style that I haven’t done in quite some time. You guessed it! It’s mofuckin’ picture time! However, this time we’re going to be seeing a little something different here. Instead of Hey look! This is the track I was listening to whilst taking these photos, it’s…

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