REBLOG – Premiere: Tamara Filyavich ~ return fire

Courtesy to A Closer Listen for the reblog. Recommend a listen to this piece especially in relation to the subject matter. Proof noise can have meaning.

a closer listen


A CLOSER LISTEN is honored to present the online premiere of Tamara Filyavich’s return fire.

Tamara Filyavich presents return fire, a soundscape of analogue synthesizer, radio transmission and digital manipulation channeling the events of the Ukrainian revolution of 2013-2014. Filyavich has lived in Montreal for the past 20 years, after she and her family left the town on Yalta in the occupied Ukraine.  return fire is a reflection on childhood memories filtered through contemporary political struggles for social justice and free expression on the streets. This piece also includes variations on the Ukrainian choral piece “Plyve Kacha,” an  old Ukrainian folk song which was given new meaning after being played on Kiev’s central square during the funeral for slain opposition fighters in 2014.

She works as Arts and Culture Coordinator at CKUT radio 90.3 fm, Montreal’s community radio station, where she also co-hosts Radio is Dead?, a show…

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