ARTICLE REBLOG -SO! Amplifies: Sounding Board Curated by Leonardo Cardoso

Part two of the Art of Sound playlist is out on Soundcloud  and the general focus this week is on Sound Art, in its’ widest sense, so this article came at the right time.
Courtesy to Sounding Out for the article reblog.

Sounding Out!

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The first annual Sounding Board sound exhibit was held at The Companion Gallery in Austin, Texas on December 3 – 6, 2015, as part of the 60th anniversary meeting of the Society of Ethnomusicology (SEM). In the promotional literature for the show, the curator, Leonardo Cardoso (Texas A&M), described its objective: to give students, ethnographers, ethnomusicologists, and any “sound-minded” people an opportunity to share research and contemplate fieldwork from different perspectives. Cardoso hoped that SEMSoundingBoard would “stimulate dialogue between ethnomusicology and other fields, especially sound studies, sound art, ecomusicology, anthropology, and media studies.” He also sought to facilitate interaction between the local community in Austin and SEM scholars who traveled to attend the conference.


I spoke with Cardoso about this…

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