REVIEW REBLOG – Furchick – Cats in the bath (Dick Smith mix)

Finally catching up this New Year and this is a good place to start…

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Furchick
title: Cats in the bath ( Dick Smith mix)
keywords: experimental,
label: Dog Park

I don’t know about you but my New Years wish was to exchange the rubber ducks in the bath with real life cats. I managed to exchange them, but not fairly sure if it was a good idea to do so. In fact under the layer of soapy foam there is water with a reddish glow, a colored substance coming from all the cuts my new bathing cats palls have been giving me. Apparently they don’t really like bathing, or water to swim in in general; where are the rubber sucks when you need them the most?

1 hmm… in a swimming-pool?

But unexpected help was on its way to safe me from the angry bath-haters sharp nailed paws, as I stumbled upon a magical trick to make the cats (and myself) in a…

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