REVIEW REBLOG – Björk: Vulnicura – Album Review

Lovely in-depth review courtesy of PonDeWayWayWay

Pon De Way Way Way

When I hear the words “breakup album” I have to hold back a groan; the cathartic nature of such an experience helps some artists to create their best work but it leads just as many, if not more, to deliver overwrought, cliché filled downers. So, when I was reading the news of  Vulnicura’s rush-release, my excitement was dampened somewhat by Björk’s own description of her latest album, her eighth and the first since 2011’s ambitious Biophilia project. However, as is almost always the case with the Icelandic auteur, things are rarely straightforward and never as expected. I should have known not to be worried, Vulnicura contains some of her most vulnerable and emotional work whilst ever continuing to innovate. As a result it may just be her best work since 2001’s Vespertine.

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