ARTICLE REBLOG – Ritual, Noise, and the Cut-up: The Art of Tara Transitory

I first came across the artist Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation when I put together a season on African and Asian Electronic artists, so I have been looking forward to reading this article ( also recommend the series ). Just as an aside – I posted the article on the Feminatronic Facebook page and it has had a very positive response.

Sounding Out!

Sound and AffectMarginalized bodies produce marginalized sounds to communicate things that escape language. The queer body is the site of sounds that engage pleasure, repression, rage, isolation, always somehow outside of dominant language. Sound Studies tells us that we should trust our ears as much as our eyes, justifying our trust in sound, and of the resonating body. Affect Theory goes further, saying that all senses play into a body that processes input through levels of response, experience, and anticipation. Affect is the vibrational space that is both bodily memory and anticipation. So where do sound and affect meet in queer bodies? How do marginalized peoples use sound and the body to express liberation, objectification, joy, and struggle?

Our writers in Sound and Affect tackle these questions across a spectrum of the marginalized experience.  I opened the series by offering the concept of the tremble, a sonic form of affect that is…

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