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NEWS / EVENT – Brighton Digital Festival Radio // Future Sounds Conference

Magz Hall

I will be talking at Brighton’s Digital Radio Festival on Sept 24th part of a day long conference being run by Totally Radio a day of inspiring conversation, music, live broadcast and sound art at radio’s cutting edge. More info



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SERIES REBLOG – The Colour of Sound: violet (final episode)

Sad to hear this is the final episode in this series. Really enjoyed listening to the sound of colours and have posted every one here, although now luckily, there is one place to hear them on Radio National. Also recommend visiting the Soundproof site if you are interested in everything sound / field recordings and Radio Art.



A short sample from Violet, the final colour to be interpreted in the Colour of Sound series.

Violet, the colour denoting the imperial ranks in Ancient Greece and Rome, was believed by Aristotle to be heard as an octave, a perfect interval that can be infinitely repeated. Contemporary studies into colour-sound theory are indebted to the work of Aristotle (384-322 BC) whose musings are thought to be the earliest exploration into the subject. His belief in the harmony of the spheres reverberated for centuries influencing scientists such as Isaac Newton in their quest to identify the colour of sound.

This is the final episode in the Radio National series. To listen to it in full visit the Soundproof website.

Radio National have the Colour of Sound as a featured series allowing you to listen to each of the episodes from one page. And now to the next project …

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