Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes –

I’ve always added this short note to all the playlists –
As with all the playlists, they are jumping off points to discoveries. They are not meant to be definitive. Just let some of the tracks play onto the next….follow up on “sounds like”….see who’s following, many artists follow other artists….
but I thought I’d put it into practice myself.
I started with the first artist and then followed the sound trail to other connected artists.

There is no preference on first choice or the sound trail but the playlist is always eclectic and it does give a chance for artists to be heard who may slip through the net : )

Beginning with Susan Campos, artists are jjjolll, Concepcion Huerta, Mabe Fratti, Slvj, Taticocteauselfie, Itzel Itzel, Teixido, Montse Perez Lima, Ana Mora, Klang Reverie, dibuk, S Ø M A , Marcela Lucatelli and Carmen Canale.