Review Reblog – Dawn Tuesday – Moons of Jupiter

Not enough women creating Space Music, although it also has the tag of Dark Ambient,  but here’s one…..

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Dawn Tuesday
Title: Moons of Jupiter
Keywords:ambient dark ambient electronic musicexperimental noise Alaska

You might have missed your daily amount of updates at this humble place, if not & if so; no worries! It was just the amount of sunny sunshine & the busy super activities had been sucking up all the precious music listening times. Count that, plus a triple return ticket to the Moons of Jupiter & you could imagine that it was hard to update our digital abode like we normally would.

Let me tell you about the triple trip to these super moons; it was unreal! It was a hefty twenty minute flight each, but felt like it was a trip close to a life-time achievement, traveling to the far side of the greater secrets of the universe. I don’t think we even took a space ship to go, in fact I can just…

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