Review Reblog – Various Artists ~ Monika Werkstatt

a closer listen

One persistent, hydra-headed problem of warped gender perception is as deep as the internalization of the bias that perpetuates it. The media underrepresentation of women normalizes pre-existing prejudice.  Half of the population is visible in disproportionately smaller measure, bolstering the invisible barriers that still crudely affect significant female contributions. Factually, the male to female ratio in the human species is approximately 1:1. Fisher’s principle explains this as evolutionary stable strategy, and no one would argue with nature’s egalitarian wisdom. Sadly, a lack of similar wisdom in the social sphere makes gender inequality, female marginalisation and invisibility persist as pressing issues in 2017. On the surface of the 21st century’s supposedly liberal art world everything seems fair, but scratch it with a simple fact check and the results are alarming. Collective Female: pressure recently offered a FACTS study reflecting this omnipresent issue in the electronic music scene and reopening a much…

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