Review Reblog – Furchick – Postcards from the Antipodes

Finally, reblogging this review and ICYMI.
Wonderful sonic postcards that demonstrate “field recordings are worth the exploration as Furchick shows”

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Furchick
Title: Postcards from the Antipodes
Keywords: experimental furchick avant-garde field recordingsPerth
Label: Dog Park
Reviewer: Audio Hater

I remember once reading a negative review on a humble and honest blog named ‘yeah I know it sucks’ for a release done by a field recording artist who recorded all these city courtyards. It resulted in the artist writing a angry email why it was presumed boring, which of course nobody in our humble office had the will to reply; after all the audio on the album spoke for itself.

Courtyards in the city, some children playing, a bit of sunshine and all of the tracks could be only separated from the track title that corresponded to the place the track was recorded; these courtyards might have been beautiful in real life, a great walk for the recording artist himself but the actual audio recordings had been frankly boring and…

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