Today’s Discovery – Sylvia Monnier- Stock Shot & Addictive Sling

My review? Actors never sounded so good : )

” Mika Perez has fragmented her aural identity across a number of guises and collaborative outlets. Whether issuing dreary and dreamy sets of amorphous synth pop as Sunny Dunes or recording as a duo (as Deep Catalogue or Suaves Figures), Perez never fails to bring a certain sense of ethereal genius into the fold. But Perez’s other ongoing solo project is Sylvia Monnier, an alias she’s used to issue surreal sets of synthetic sound on Cosmic Winnetou, Scum Yr Earth, Seconds, and BLWBCK, among others.

Sylvia Monnier now graces Sacred Phrases’ catalog with ‘Stock Shot & Addictive Sling,’ a conceptual cassette that meditates on some of the film world’s more dynamic, emotionally raw players. “Michel Piccoli” opens the set with curious apprehension, descending into frame like a light fog rolling through the woods. Distant static and occasional creaks provide the only sense of percussion and “rhythm” while the narrative is told entirely in negative space. “Theresa Russell” and “Gene Hackman” float in a sonic simmer of crackling textures and cyclical drone. “Delphine Seyrig,” one of the more dynamic pieces here, transitions from vacant field recordings and anonymous musique concrete into something much more mechanical, almost like a bizarrely kosmische take on industrial drone music. “Dennis Hopper” and “Maria Schneider” close the set out in an open-ended epiphany.”

Released March 17, 2017