Review Reblog – Svetlana Maraš & Bodies Under The Waterfall: Angry Ambient Artists Volume 2

This month is ICYMI 2016.
Since, last year seemed to be an unending trail of misery and loss, I decided to look back at some of the good things that were released and created. Yes, believe it or not there was some light and I’m revisiting and reblogging as much as possible, on all platforms.
I have posted about this release but ICYMI, here’s another review about Angry Ambient Artists Vol 2. Let’s hope there’s more.

We need no swords

angry-ambient2Forwind cassette and download

Angry Ambient Artists, eh? I like it. This ongoing series from Manchester’s Forwind aims to prompt a more combative relationship with a genre often associated with a numbed disengagement from the world. Not so much turn off your mind and float downstream as come and have a go if you think you can be bothered. Not that there isn’t anger already present in some sections of the ambient omniverse – for every surge of beatific swoon there’s a barely-concealed sneer of passive aggressive opacity, and round these parts sleepy warmth is often replaced by narcotic, introverted chilliness. But Angry Ambient Artists not only makes those grumpier edges visible but adds a welcome sonic diversity to near-beige tones of the typical ambient palette.

Volume 1, released back in August 2016, paired up prolific electro-scrabbler Machinefabriek with Marseilles noisemaker Philippe Petit for two short-but-jagged cuts, their distinction signalled by…

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