Todays Discovery – Sonic Environment Waves (July 2016) — MAKING WAVES

This month we’re delighted to have Dr. Leah Barclay, Co-Chair of Sonic Environments, and President of the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology , guest-curate this playlist: Sonic Environment Waves. About the playlist, Leah writes: This playlist features composers who are working in innovative ways with place, environmental sound and new technologies. It has been curated to […]

via Sonic Environment Waves (July 2016) — MAKING WAVES


“Making Waves is a monthly series of curated playlists streaming one hour of quality, new composed music. Founded in 2015, Making Waves shines a spotlight on the music of Australian composers. Fresh playlists are released on the first day of each month and older playlists are made available all year round via our archives; perfect for those with just a few minutes to explore one track or for hours perusing a myriad of diverse sound-worlds.”

Not solely electronic. Much is Classical music and / electroacoustic but increasingly there are electronic elements in the compositions and a great introduction to Australian composers. Really recommend listening to the beautifully presented playlists.