Review Reblog – quoll noses: chrissie caulfield on furchick

Great to read one artists’ thoughts on another and the last paragraph sums up my feelings about Furchick – fun and pleasure…”half-familiar mangled into a wonderful world that is all her own, a surrealist painting in sound.”

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Furchick – Trouble with a capital T (download, dog park records)


Sorry for not having written anything for a while, lately I’ve been generally under-enthused by the experimental scene for all sorts of reasons. I have been searching for new music of course, but what I found was either too ‘mainstream’ for this blog or I didn’t really enjoy enough to write about it.

Then the opening track of Furchick’s album Trouble with a Capital T leapt out at me almost instantly as something I could engage with and that I think will interest you, our dear readers.

That opening track, ‘March of the feathered friends’, is built on the rhythms of some piece of machinery I’m not even going to guess the identity of. It’s alternately insistent and broken up and surrounded by drones that waver in and out. There is clanking and rattling aplenty here and I…

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