REVIEW REBLOG – Iris Garrelfs: Bedroom Symphonies

The latest Soundcloud playlist is all about the Voice and this is the focus this week on Twitter and Facebook, so this seems a very appropriate reblog.

We need no swords

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What do memories sound like? Specifically, what do memories of places you’ve been sound like? The places you’ve been, got married, had holidays, got drunk, been mugged, fell asleep?

The sounds of the places themselves – experienced directly or indirectly, via recordings or descriptions –can bring memories flooding back. But these are triggers for memories, rather embodying the memories and emotions that the places evoke. Is it possible to describe these memories and emotions as sound? What would it sound like?

The London-based sound artist Iris Garrelfs plays with this idea in Bedroom Symphonies, an album made up of digitally processed vocal fragments recorded on tour or during residencies. The track titles and accompanying booklet of photographs link these pieces to specific locations; an aid to triangulation if you like.

Occasionally, in Hotel Mexicana, for example, recorded during Garrelfs’ time in Mexico, the three elements come…

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