REVIEW REBLOG – Various Artists – Pod Tune [Pod Labs]

Having a Sea Sounds theme on Twitter and Facebook this week concentrating mainly on Field Recordings but slipping some other tracks in too. I have plugged this album before as it is a firm favourite but haven’t posted this review so here it is courtesy of Stationary Travels –

Stationary Travels

whale cover vinyl final D

Glancing at the cover of the Pod Tune compilation, one could be forgiven for being tempted to tacitly classify it as a new age album out of time, a flashback to a time when instrumental music was often preoccupied with a desire to connect meditatively with the natural world. Indeed whale sounds were not at all unheard of as a means to evoke a particular atmosphere in the recordings of the time and Paul Winter‘s 1991 album Whales Alive even implements a similar concept of integrating whale song into a sort of asynchronous collaboration.  But Pod Tune is a bolder, more focused, and more experimental take on this concept of a creative musical partnership between humans and whales.

“Our aim is to bring whales into people’s lives in an accessible and positive way. We seek to strengthen our connection to the whales in the hopes that more people will choose to take better care…

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