REVIEW REBLOG – Iris Garrelfs: Breathing Through Wires

Wow, just came across this review and I find this release is a free download. Had to reblog on both counts…

We need no swords

Panyrosas free download

The cover photo of this collection offers a pretty good summation of its contents: Garrelfs, seated in front of her MacBook, microphone prominent. Her mouth is open, she is singing, perhaps, or shouting, but her hair seems to stream behind her, as if she were in a gale.

The message seems clear. Garrelfs’ human vocals – wordless howls, as well as clusters of vowels and bunches of consonants – are amplified and reflected back by her technology, like Marty McFly blown backwards by his super-amp at the start of Back To The Future.

Breathing Through Wires presents several live performances from between 2012 and 2014, each lasting around 20 minutes. Garrelfs’ cover image remains apposite through. She presents the human voice, in all its terror and glory, doubled, amplified, processed and transformed in real-time, yet always retaining some ineffable, twisting humanity, like a work of art retaining…

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