NEWS – Guest artist Hannah Kemp-Welch

Fractal Meat

Artist Hannah Kemp-Welch joined me with a selection of her favourite sounds, ranging from fluxus performances to guitar noise, beat poetry to musical boxes. Hannah’s practice centres around performative interventions using sound,  playing with tech, though always lo-fi, DIY, and with a sense of humour. She investigates personal and social interactions when listening or experimenting with sound, with a pretty Fluxus approach. As well as performing and exhibiting work, Hannah runs the research blog sound art text. You can also find her on twitter at @SoundArtHannah.

Tune in from 1am – 3am (GMT, Morning of Tuesday 16th Feb) or  8pm – 10pm (EST, evening of Monday 15th Feb) on

This is also the 100th episode of Fractal Meat. Wahey!
You can hear other episodes from the archive here.

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