REBLOG – interview with Haiku Salut

As expected, a different sort of interview from Yeah I Know it Sucks but that’s no bad thing. I’m just in time for a couple of gig plugs too : ))

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Whilst I adore music in general, I very rarely fall head over heels for a band. So far my journalistic adventures have introduced you to two such acts, Twink and The Caring Babies. The advantage for these two acts is that they live across a big ocean, so can escape my overly earnest fandom. No such luck for Haiku Salut. From the moment I picked up their “How We Got Along After the Yarn Bomb” EP I have been drawn into their magical, beautiful musical world, a journey which continued with their gorgeous debut album “Tricolore”. Listening to their music truly is that, a journey, through folk, electronica alongside glitches and chiptune influences, it’s music to which you can dream and escape the real world. The latest album “Etch and Etch Deep” continues where the other releases left off, whilst sounding incredibly confident and complete.

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