REVIEW REBLOG – Volutes – The Quiet Hours

Really recommend this release and so glad I can reblog this review courtesy of Stationary Travels.

Stationary Travels

Volutes is an electronic music project created by Chicago-based Christina Dennaoui which is described as a “mélange of Middle Eastern drones and rhythms, minimal techno, jazz and field recordings”. All of these elements are in ample evidence on her debut EP (Elegant Grey) with a strong emphasis on the rhythmic component.  The Quiet Hours, however, is much more introspective and subdued by comparison, which is entirely appropriate for the deeply personal territory it endeavors to explore.

“The album is the culmination of nearly two years of grief, mourning and writing. It is an album about grieving and the transformative nature of grief. But at its simplest, it’s a eulogy for my mother.” – Christina Dennaoui (aka Volutes)

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