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This is the first post I put together and here is the first artist I played

I thought that it might be best to put together short Digests of about 5 or 6 items that may be of interest on this blog. This will be easier for you to read and keep up with and for me to put together. So here goes…

Delia Derbyshire  Delia Derbyshire

daphne oram  Daphne Oram

ShimmerMeg   Meg Bowles 

analog ladies  Analog Ladies

Caro C

Crystal Castles – Celestica


This is a new idea I am trying here, to spotlight the SoundCloud pages of artists, many but not all, only have their SoundCloud pages as their web presence, especially new or under the radar artists and so this is another means to give a bit of a boost  and shine a light on their music.

This week the artist is  Caro C

“One-woman electronic avalanche” – bbc.co.uk

“a pioneering independent electronic musician” – Metro, UK

Caro C