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I am an electronic musician who, as someone recently said to me, set up Feminatronic to act as "soft PR" for female electronic artists from all genres and styles. If I can give a little helping hand then why not?

Mark Lyken | Emma Dove ~ Mirror Lands

a closer listen

cover We last encountered  Mark Lyken and Emma Dove  a year ago with their installation-based EP and video  The Terrestrial Sea.   Their new work expands on the work of that prior release and continues an investigation of the sonic and visual properties of Scotland’s Black Isle.  An installation is again the launching pad; a special edition CD/DVD version is in the works, while the digital score is already available.

Mirror Lands, the film, is directed and lensed by Lyken and Dove, who share soundtrack duties as well.  This ambitious 67-minute project represents a confident forward step.  One of the appealing components of the DVD is that the narration, music and field recordings can be separated.  While the soundtrack stands on its own, it makes a lot more sense in the larger context.

Sea birds cry and swoop against a black backdrop before the piano and narration are introduced.  A…

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Unfortunately, I have had to close the Feminatronic Tumblr site, due to some people using it to promote sexually explicit images / sites or followers who blatantly were promoting themselves in a sexually explicit way.

Nuff said : (

Feminatronic is not a platform for porn.

It is a serious site for promoting the electronic music creativity of women.

I am sorry to lose the real followers of Feminatronic Tumblr and hope that you will continue visit the Website, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your continued support of Feminatronic.

Unsound Festival New York 2014

Headphone Commute


The fourth edition of Unsound Festival in New York, presented by Fundacja Tone and the Polish Cultural Institute New York, rolled in on the last day of March, the streets of the city still covered in snow, the pavement frozen with perpetual layer of water. The official opening night featuring EVOL and Oren Amabrchi with Sinfonietta Cracovia Quintet & Friends was still a few days away, while the synesthetic installation of sounds, scents and visual elements, titled Ephemera, already opened its doors for the first installment, featuring the work of Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) set to an olfactory composition. The “smell” of rumbling bass was strong, loud and acute, like the sharp angled waves of its saw-tooth aural accompaniment. The vibrations and their perfumes spilled onto the street, and an older couple walking through dusky New York alley couldn’t help but peak inside. The other two installations, rotating on a daily…

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On this special Feminatronic 8Tracks are:
Pauline Oliveros
Annea Lockwood
Pamela Z
Margaret Noble
Wendy Carlos Williams
Adina Izarra
Susie Ibarra
Lou Mackenzie
Thank you for listening.

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Qin Yufen : Sound, Art, and Her Chinese Style

Participate in The British Library’s “inspired by” series.


Babylon Electrified_ the history of an expedition to restore ancient Babylon

The British Library’s “Sound and Vision” site has posted a challenge to people working with sound. The idea is to compose a sound piece, under 3 minutes, that is inspired by one of the 1 million images released by the British Library last year onto Flickr Commons.

I’m happy that my own sound piece, inspired by the above picture, was the first work chosen to be posted for the series. To listen to the work and to read more about the project visit the British Library’s Sound and Vision site.

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