Here is the third part of my year in listening concentrating on releases from 2022. As ever, no positions, favourites, best of…. that, dear listeners and followers is for you to decide.

electronic, shamanic, electroacoustic, electronica, esoteric, experimental, powerful, psychedelic, ritual, techno, transcendental

electronic pioneer

experimental, avant-garde, contemporary, contemporary, classical, electroacoustic

experimental, aleatoric, ambient, drone, electroacoustic, electronic, field recording, modular synth, synth

experimental, electroacoustic, field recording, field recordings, musique concrete, sound art

experimental, ambient, avant-garde, cello, classical, electronic, experimental, field recordings, improvisation, neo-futurist, pop

experimental, acousmatic, ambisonics, binaural, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic

experimental, experimental electronic

experimental, electro-acoustic, electronic, improv, sound art

ambient, electro, electronic, experimental, glitch, pop, techno

experimental, ambient, drone, electronic, industrial, noise

electronic, experimental, cellphone, databending, experimental, field recordings, glitch, hex, noise, reaper

experimental, avant-garde, elektron, fm, glitchy, idm, live pa

sequencers, berlin school, ambient electronic, electronic, progressive, synth, synthesizers