S IS FOR…pt1

Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes –
To make sure that I’m giving space for as many artists as possible and to try and discover new ones, I’m trying to make playlists of artists alphabetically throughout the year on all platforms.
Here is the letter S but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure that I will have to make another.
As with all the playlists there are no preferences. They are jumping off points to discoveries. They are not meant to be definitive. Just let some of the tracks play onto the next…. follow up on “sounds like”…. see who’s following, many artists follow other artists……

Artists are Eki Shola and Yehu Salah, Strange Stains, Geneva Skeen, Sandunes, Shimmer Crush, Salama, Nicola Scrutton, Aida Shirazi, Hayley Suviste, Maryam Sirvan, Stevia Sphere, Sharon Stewart, Stonerpop, Madeleine Slaves, Justyna Stasiowska, Sabiwa, Jessica Sligter, Skoddie, Nadia Struiwigh, Heidrun Schramm, Mona Servo, Aleksandra Slyz, suzukian, SRA Synths by the Sea, Stekkerdoos, Soramimi, Anna Socoria,‡Starving Poet§, Sifonics, Sharkiface, Eva Schlegel, Lara Soulio and Slowspin.