It’s been a bit quiet here at the moment. Having a rethink about this site and how to continue with Feminatronic but here are some recent releases and listening I have come across in the past month.

I have been concentrating on Night Listening on Twitter, so some of the releases are quiet and reflective but not all.

ambient atmospheric dark ambient drone electronica ethereal meditation soundscape soundscapes spacemusic

experimental electronic pioneer

electronic chillout creative commons downtempo hypnagogic drift post-vaporwave renoise synth pop vaporwave

experimental electronic music experimental electronic free jazz improvisation improvised music jazz

experimental ambient drone environment field recordings sea soundscape water music

experimental alternative pop ambient electronic electronic music experimental electronic field recordings radio art sound art

electronic algorithmic composition field recording laptop music music concrete supercollider

ambient electronic atmospheric deep drone meditation

ambient deep listening dreamwave drone environment experimental instrumental new age synthesizer

experimental acousmatic electroacoustic field recordings musique concrete

electronic experimental dance electronic hip-hop techno


ambient experimental idm spoken word abstract ambient electronic analogue electroacoustic experimental electronic lyre vocals

experimental afrofuturism avant-garde free jazz noise