I Don’t Do Lists…

I have an aversion to lists.

They create an atmosphere of  competition between artists and genres. They also often only plug those releases that are ‘readily’ there in view – easy to find.  That is, the artists and/ or labels / PR etc who have the most money and time, often are the ones that get the most focus. Consequently, many female identifying artists don’t even get a look in and /or get overlooked, as proved by the many studies and reports available to prove this fact. I will refer you to female:pressure FACTS and Counting the Music   although sadly and even very recently, there are many more studies from Classical to Jazz as well as Electronic, that report the same findings.

Believe me when I say, that there are large numbers of female identifying artists out there. You only have to look.

Of course, during the year I myself fail to cover everything that is released. I just cannot keep up ( which is a good thing) and miss a lot too, try as hard as I do to listen. I thought that I would try to recap as many 2019 releases as possible here throughout December, as a way to rectify this.

Anyway here goes. No order, no preference –

I don’t do lists but these were released in 2019-