Review Reblog – tendencyitis – Constant Consequence

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: tendencyitis
Title: Constant Consequence
Keywords: world experimental feedback free improvisation live electronics love noise outsider queer virtual Detroit

This album might be for the brave adventurous kind of listener. That must be you, right? As Constant Consequence is one big experimental adventure that even though feeling consistent in it’s sound, will not pass by like something you would take for granted. It made me think and even experience to feel certain things. Let me give you some kind of walk through:

Listening to ‘Taps run dry’ made me feel like there has been something stuck in my teeth, something squeaky; perhaps a tool placed in by the dentist and rambling among my calcified items in my mouth. But because of its length and creative weird squeaks it also made me think of an alien dog in the half life series. Something that has a anus…

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