Review Reblog – Andrea Pensado + id m theft able – Andrea Pensado + id m theft able

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: Andrea Pensado + id m theft able
Title: Andrea Pensado + id m theft able
Keywords: experimental avant garde experimental noise portland maine sound poetry Portland

Everyone knows a Andrea, or at least they should know one. There are so many Andreas out there, if you haven’t met any you probably should go out more. If you are coincidentally a Andrea; try finding people who have never met you, as everyone for sure can use a Andrea in their lives. Simply because they bring so much excitement to the life that we are living, of course it wouldn’t be fair to strike all Andreas in one corner as if it was a a race, but it is true; by definition all Andreas are cool people, always bringing something to the party that people (the ones that aren’t named Andrea) never seem to bring!

The Andrea here on this excellent…

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